Wandee Media Company Limited
has been established since 2016. Our main expertise is in film production and creative TV shows. Our first feature movie is Senses from Siam. Wandee Media has been well recognised among Thai and foreigners so far. Our mission is to be the preferred production house for entertainment with all things related to the culinary arts. Our plan is to produce feature films, documentaries and TV shows annually.

Professor Wandee Na Songkhla
Thai Food the Legend
Executive Producer “Phrik Kang” the Movie
President of Wandee Media
Company Limited
President of Wandee Culinary Art School
Thai food teacher at Women
in the court college

Wichuda Na Songkhla Sriyaphai, Ph.D.
Producer and script writer in
“Phrik Kang” the Movie
Managing Director of Wandee Media
Company Limited
Managing Director of Wandee
Culinary Technological college
Chief Executive Officer in
Wandee Group Holdings